Friday, April 22, 2011

What a Spring!

Hello to all I hope everyone had a great winter.  Warmer temps are coming I can feel it.  The course came out of winter in good condition.  The spring so far, as all are aware, has been very cold and wet.  The past snow storm on the 19th dumped 9.5" of the very wet heavy variety of snow.  This caused extensive tree damage on the pine, spruce, and cedar species.  Twelve trees were completely destroyed with many others in question once the hanging limbs are taken out.

                                  Cedar on # 17 severely damaged.

                                    Austrian Pine in #11 & #17 landscape area.

Unfortunately the tree issue is not the main problem.  The amount of moisture that we have received so far this spring, along with the snow melt has made the soil saturated.  The creek level is very high and is starting to back up on #1 and the green side of #4.  We are on a day to day basis as to when the course will reopen.

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