Monday, January 31, 2011

# 4 Sewer Pipe

Earlier this month the town of Grand Chute in conjunction with Immel excavating and Waas boring removed the sewer pipe that crossed the creek on #4. This project took them just over a week to complete. The new line is made up of a 10" and 6" HDPE pipe that was bore under the creek. It uses the concept of a syphon to make it flow. The project caused some minor damage to the rough areas on both sides of the creek that will need to be tended to in the spring. I can't wait until spring to see the creek without the eye sore of a pipe going across it. Go Pack!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Major Melting

Happy New Year! I hope all had a safe and enjoyable time this past weekend. Unfortunately the snow cover did not fair so well. Due to the melting of snow the cross country trail is closed along with the hills for sledding. As soon as we receive substantial snow fall, we will reopen the trail and the hills. Only a few months until the golf season!