Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Happenings

What a year! I hope you all are enjoying the great fall golf weather. First, a little recap on the year. From June 1 until August 31 we received 26 inches of rain. That caused the property to flood 12 times. We did receive turf damage on #6, 13, and 16 fairways. The damaged areas have been seeded and are coming back on a decent pace. Next spring we may have to sod some of the areas to speed up the recovery. I must give some major kudos to my staff they did an amazing job, with all the clean up on top of keeping the course in a playing state, this was no easy task. Due to all the moisture turf disease was also a huge problem. Spraying became the norm with disease severity resembling the St. Louis area instead of northeastern Wisconsin. That all being said we kept the place alive and now that the weather has been ideal since early September the place is looking great.
Second, the rest of October and into November a couple cultural practices and projects will be completed. The forward tee on #4 has been completed and will open up in the spring. Also on #4 our irrigation will be rerouted due to the town of Grand Chute removing the sewer pipe this winter coming up. Currently the green collars are being core aerified along with # 7 and 14 greens. Also coming up all the greens will be deep tine aerified.
That is about it I hope to see you all out the remainder of the fall.

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